Sioux Falls Bar Hopping

With Sioux Falls Limo Bus

Whether you're in Sioux Falls or any of the surrounding areas, you'll find yourself nearby countless bars, whether they be dive bars, cocktail lounges, sports bars, breweries, wine bars, dance clubs, or music venues. Planning a night out bar hopping or clubbing in Sioux Falls holds countless possibilities! Need help picking out bars? Check out our service area page and choose a city to see sine of our favorites in the area!

But picking the bars is the easy part - there's so many to choose from you'll quickly fill your night's itinerary with several great venues! What's not so easy is figuring out the logistics of the evening. Some common planning issues include: Who will be the Designated Driver? How many vehicles will you need? How far can you travel? Say you have 16 friends who want to spend the night out, but only two volunteer as DDs and they both drive small vehicles - that's a problem! Or perhaps there's only 5 of you heading out, and your friend with the large SUV volunteers as DD, but their vehicle is unreliable at best - this is a problem if you want to cover a large area! However, these planning hurdles are easily jumped if you choose to rent a Sioux Falls Limo Bus to take you around town!

When you choose Sioux Falls Limo Bus for your bar hopping transportation, you'll experience several benefits. To start, you'll have a luxurious limo bus to take you and your friends around town in true VIP fashion! Our buses are top the line and full of amazing features. Without a doubt, you're going to turn heads when you pull up to the bar or club in a Sioux Falls Limo Bus! Next, you'll get to enjoy drinking on the vehicles in between bars! Maybe you decide to bar hop around one area, and then travel to another city to check out a new dance club - when you have a party bus, you don't have to worry about hitting pause on your fun, you can keep the party going on board! Whether it's drinking, dancing, or watching movies, our buses have what you need to keep your party going. And let's not forget safety! Your chauffeur will act as your designated driver, so you don't have to worry about anyone driving drunk!

The planning process is so much easier when you have a limo bus! While we do ask that you provide an itinerary so your driver has an idea of where you'll be going, you are in no way limited to that! You can change your mind and go wherever you want during your rental. Perhaps your out bar hopping in Sioux Falls and an old friend hits you up t come check out a new club an hour away - just let your driver know and off you'll go! The rental process is easy as well. Just give us a call, let us know the date you'd like service, what time, where you'll be picked up at, and how many passengers you'll need to accommodate and our booking agents will find you the best deals available!