Sioux Falls Limo Bus Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are your limo buses to rent?

Unfortunately, we're not able to publish our prices on line, as our prices always vary. You can check out our pricing page to find out just why. However, we do our very best to keep our rates affordable for anyone who would like to rent a bus from us. If you're concerned about the cost, we highly recommend calling one of our customer service representatives so they can help guide you through the process of getting the best price possible!

Do you require a deposit in order to make a reservation?

Yes we do. When you're making a reservation with us, we are setting aside a specific vehicle, just for you. We are making a commitment to you and your group, so we need a good faith deposit to ensure that you also have a commitment with us.

Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

No, we do not allow for smoking of any kind in any of our vehicles. We do this to preserve the interiors and to protect our customers and employees.

What happens if we go over time?

Good question! We will simply charge you at your normal hourly rate.

Can we drink in the limo buses?

Absolutely! Anyone of the legal drinking age is more than welcome to consume "adult beverages" in our limo buses and limousines.