Sioux Falls Limo Bus Pricing

When we show up to begin the boarding process for your trip with us, one thing you'll never hear from us... Oh, by the way, you owe us a fuel surcharge, a mandatory tip, or an out of area pickup fee. With Sioux Falls Limo Bus, absolutely every single one of our fees is fully disclosed up front... before you sign the contract. As we have mentioned before, we believe that being anything but up front about everything is bad business. It is our desire to make you a customer for life when you decide to do business with Sioux Falls Limo Bus!

You may also be wondering here, why does the pricing page not have any prices? Well, there's a distinct reason for this. Primarily, we operate on a flexible pricing schedule which essentially matches our pricing with our operating costs. So, whenever our operating costs are at their lowest, we adjust our prices down to compensate. This allows us to always give you the best pricing available, while still maintaining a steady profit for our services. Besides, getting a price quote from us is super easy. Just give us a call and let us know where you'll want to be picked up, how many passengers you're expecting, how much time you'll need the bus for, and what date you would like to rent.